W15 Collection lead by Steradian Capital

Steradian Capital is excited to announce that its leisure sector has been brought under one umbrella brand.


The W15 Collection will have under its brand, W15 Weligama, W15 Ahangama and W15 Hanthana and the some new additions to the portfolio at some exquisite destinations such as Nuwara Eliya and Ambuluwawa.

w15 Collection Properties

The Collection will also include any future leisure properties that come under the purview of SCI while creating a more extensive, more cohesive presence as an overall brand.

The brand design itself draws inspiration from the existing brand guidelines. Given the expansion of the brand in terms of new properties coming on board, the W15 Collection will differentiate its destinations as The Luxury Collection, focusing on bespoke luxury travel and The Experience Collection, which focuses on providing a unique and more vibrant travel experience.

Learn more about W15 Collection by visiting their new website at www.w15.lk.

Steradian Capital Investments

Steradian Capital Investments

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Steradian Capital operates an open and inclusive community. Our customers, investors, tenants, homeowners and guests are our priority. Steradian Capital was established in 2012 by Archie Warman and Hardy Jamaldeen and was founded on the shared investment philosophy that they developed whilst working together during the 2000s.

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