LRI PLC takes on a new look

Lanka Realty Investments Plc orchestrated an Rs.2.8 billion takeover move of On’ally Holdings PLC, the owners of Unity Plaza and announced its arrival to the real estate industry while taking on a new look to elevate itself as a brand above the competition.

In stepping into a new era, Steradian Capital is excited to announce that Lanka Realty Investments PLC has evolved its brand and outlook to better communicate the trust and values inherent to the organization with a redefined and refined new logo along with the launch of the new website which was published in August 2022.

Lanka Realty Investments PLC logo evolution rebranding

The new logo is two parts of the same circle where one sector represents the customer, and the other represents the company, and the union of these two sectors form a complete circle to illustrate the relationship between the two parties. The process of real estate is the result of an agreement with two parties coming together as one, which is represented by the two sections 'L' and 'R'.

Each element was carefully designed to carry similar traits to the previous logo in order to illustrate the continuance of the success of the existing brand while encompassing a more modern take to illustrate what and how LRI PLC will provide its services and solutions in the future.

Steradian Capital Investments

Steradian Capital Investments

Management, investment and development of Asian and UK real estate and property companies

Steradian Capital operates an open and inclusive community. Our customers, investors, tenants, homeowners and guests are our priority. Steradian Capital was established in 2012 by Archie Warman and Hardy Jamaldeen and was founded on the shared investment philosophy that they developed whilst working together during the 2000s.

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