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    Investment Identification

    Through our extensive network of contacts throughout Sri Lanka we have a continuously updated database of opportunities currently available for investors, from greenfield sites for development through to joint ventures with well established enterprises. We provide investors with targeted set opportunities tailored to their specific requirements. Alternatively, we will actively search for specific opportunities based on the interests and requirements of the client and in conjunction with our local partners can create a full investment proposition around these as required.

    Investment Projects

    As well as tailoring specific investment projects, Steradian Capital creates its own investment opportunities to pursue carefully selected transactions which we believe will deliver strong returns. These are investment vehicles which allow sophisticated investors to enter this new and exciting market with a turn-key solution targeting Real Estate opportunities yet diversifying their risk across a number of opportunities.

    Real Estate Advisory

    Steradian Capital advises clients in identifying and evaluating real estate opportunities and enhancing the returns from their real estate investments. In addition we can guide real estate asset rich entities on how best to maximise their capital structures. Our team comprises experienced professionals who work with owners, investors, buyers and sellers of lands, buildings and real estate projects. We keep abreast of the changing market dynamics and maintain a broad range of relationships. This enables us to advise our clients on a range of options, and assist on executing our client’s real estate strategies quickly and with the appropriate structures.